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Freight to Sri Lanka

Shipping SriLanka, a division of Cargo Australia is the number one freight forwarding company to Sri Lanka for all your sea and air freight requirements. As the fastest growing Sri Lankan freight forwarding company in Australia. We will seek to develop a business partnership, offering you the lowest rates to and from Sri Lanka, on time deliveries and custom made freight solutions. We manage logistics finding innovative ways to increase efficiencies reduce costs and provide better customer support.

Look as your one stop shop to all you’re shipping to Sri Lanka from Australia. We have the capability to cover your entire shipping request whether it is door to port or door to door from any corner in Australia to anywhere in Sri Lanka.

If you are moving to Sri Lanka or anywhere, we offer container freight shipping from all major capital cities. To keep the costs low, we have a self-packed containers. If you do not have items to fill a container, our less than container load service is available. Contact us for more details.

Our company also handles commercial cargo such as vegetables, dairy products, grain, used machinery and electronic items from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We have the ability to handle oversized cargo such as machinery, Automobiles and even container homes to Sri Lanka.

If you wish to send a parcel to Sri Lanka, we have a fast efficient service from any state in Australia to all major capital cities in Sri Lanka and we offer lowest rates. This service is suitable for documents, product samples, small packages and other urgent deliveries. We use fast and reliable booking system to make sure that items sent by courier to Sri Lanka get there on time.

Passengers travelling to Colombo, that exceeds limits for weight, size or number of pieces allowed by an airline, we offer an excess baggage service direct from Sydney. Our rates are much cheap than all major air airlines and we make sure items are ready for collection in Colombo upon arrival.

We are a Sri Lankan shipping company that cares for your cargo. We have a fast low cost service from Sri Lanka to Australia for personal effects and commercial cargo. We have reliable people on ground for pick and pack, forest department approvals, obtaining permits and customs clearance. Contact us today for more details.

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